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Date/Time: 2018-11-02, 20:00<br />
Date/Time: 2018-11-02, 20:00<br />
Attending Managers: <br />
Attending Managers: [[User:Ciaran|Ciaran]], [[User:Pakue|Patrick]], [[User:Mitja|Mitja]]<br />
Attending Members:  <br />
Attending Members:  [[User:Blacksheep|Michael]], [[User:Lmnl99|Luca]], [[User:Ed Green|Ed]]<br />
= Topics =
= Topics =

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Idea/Overview: Plenum

Date/Time: 2018-11-02, 20:00
Attending Managers: Ciaran, Patrick, Mitja
Attending Members: Michael, Luca, Ed


Here's the list so far - please don't hesitate to add more! If you won't be able to attend, you can add your comments here or in the discussion to take part anyway :-)

Recap of the last plenum

  • Area Patrons
    • Did all area patrons create their user page?
    • Did all area patrons provide a communication method (either on the user page or by activating the "E-Mail User" functionality)?
    • Is there any feedback?
  • Picture Wall
    • Is there a template for the pictures and the infos?
    • Have pictures been hung up already?
  • Project board
    • Is there any project on the board yet?
    • Do members want to add projects?

New (and newly available) tools at the space

new Dauerleihgaben (in commissioning):

=> also see "Wish List"

Collaboration possibilities

Do-something days

There were up to 7 members at a time tackling issues during the night from October 13th to 14th, here are some things we got done:

  • hung some boxes by the scroll saw and sorted dowel pegs in there (excess put into the storage room)
  • fixed some clamps that could come apart by riveting their ends, put some with missing handles by the wood lathe [issue #76]
  • mounted the new projector to the ceiling of the common room [issue #72]
  • used screws or other simple methods to hang various hand tools on the workshop wall boards
  • tried a high-power LiPO battery for the DeWalt cordless drill - works great, now we can continue with the charger etc! [issue #12]
  • added tons of equipment photos to the wiki, also some GIFs coming soon (for more "wanted" photos, see the README of our issue tracker!)
  • tried to improve to common room lamp situation - result after long hours on the ladder: three fixtures with broken capacitors taken down for repair, another broken one still at the ceiling [issue #60]

Current projects that are looking for collaborators


closed issues since the last plenum
new issues since the last plenum


Seminar Ideas

open discussion (general improvements, etc.)

What did I do since the last plenum?

What am I planning to do until the next plenum?

What went wrong?

What went well?

What should get done at the space (create new issues)?

Next Meeting

Lukas: How about Wednesday, December 5th?