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Suggestion for the "Familientarif":

If we take an average family with two adults and 2 kids and all are being interested to become a member there is a ground fee for all of 100 Euros, if one takes a keycard 150 Euros per month. That might be a lot of money for some familys.

So my suggestion is that if both adults of a family becomes a member the kids should be for free. As the adults are responsible for the kids (means the kids are not allowed to work without parental survey) they are always working as a team so they can't block any tools on their own.

If the kids needs an membership there should be a family membership available which takes care of this.

My Two Cents: When it comes to rebates for a certain user-group (in this case families), I think we should consider a couple of points:
1. Are we already in a position to grant rebates (financial dimension)
2. What is the base for the rebates?
3. What groups do we want to offer rebates for?
The first point has to be answered by our managers.
About point two: If we take up your suggestion, there could be two rebate bases: Either a mass rebate (4 new members only pay two memberships) or a social rebate (we want to ::support families).
I would see a family rebate as a social thing. However (and this is a very personal statement), I think there are other groups which I would prioritize more when it comes to rebates. Namely I am speaking of people with lower or no income. In Heidelberg, this group is eligable to get a Heidelberg Pass. This would also cover families which might not be able to otherwise afford the membership of the space.
For anybody who has enough money, I would personally not see the need of offering discounts. What the space offers is already very cheap. In the end we all get access to fully equipped workshops for just 25€/month. For just 50€ more we even get 24/7 access. I don´t think there are many other places which offer comparable services at such a price :)--NitramLegov (talk) 17:26, 4 November 2018 (CET)
Heidelberg Pass is a good hook and should be considered as well. What about the non-Heidelberger's?
However, I still have the opinion that paying 100 (150 Euros with one keycard for 24/7 access) for a family with two kids (again: the kids can't work on their own and block tools as they need parental survey) is too much. I don't see an argument
for what a kid should pay if it can't work on it's own in the makerspace except the possible fee required for insurance. Especially the statues of CoMakingspace states that it is one of the targets to provide a cost-efficient space to achieve
"Der Zweck der Gesellschaft ist die Förderung der Erziehung, Volks- und Berufsbildung einschließlich der Studentenhilfe sowie die Förderung von Kunst und Kultur."
In my example (two adults, two kids) this would be 1800 Euros per year. I would be able to pay as I am having a good job. But I am pretty sure that some familys (which might be above the line to be eligible for the Heidelberg Pass) this is too
So in short my point is: Why should the kids pay full (25 Euros) if they can't work on their own because of insurance rules and therefore can't use/block any tool without a parent on their side? And the usage of the tool is already paid by
the parent. If kids only pay the fee required for insurance it will become automatically more family friendly. Of course we can discuss about the conditions (age of the kids, living in the same place etc) to prevent that a large family
with kids already living in their own space misuse the tariff.
IMHO we can't loose but win 2 adults membership plus the insurance fee for each kid per family. And the nowadays kids are the possible full members of tomorrow.
Thank you for these suggestions regarding family memberships, we will consider them and keep you posted! But as far as discounts for full memberships go, Martin is right - we are already as far down as we can at the moment. It takes a lot of money to maintain the Space and we already lowered all membership contributions to what we originally calculated as a potential reduced contribution! At present, we would need sponsors or a bunch of additional members to afford further student/unemployment/etc. discounts. We are of course looking for those, but the first priority has to be making sure we can carry the load on our own until we find them ;-) --Lukas (talk) 17:17, 6 November 2018 (CET)

Area Patrons

Quick Question: Was any decision taken regarding the patrons which did not provide any communication mechanism? My opinion is still that whoever was not able to provide it within a month should not become a patron ;)

That conclusion was missing from the protocol; I just added it.
Yes, this was also what was discussed during the meeting. The ones who didn't add a communications method within a month aren't really a good fit for the position. Nothing wrong with that, but the main idea of the area patrons is to keep track of these specific areas and be aware of potential issues. For this, reachability is key.
I suggested to let the other patrons, who added a communications method, become officially patrons and we'll see until the next plenum if it's working. Pakue (talk) 04:34, 7 November 2018 (CET)