Plenum/Meeting minutes/2019-11-01

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Idea/Overview: Plenum

Date/Time: 01.11.19 20:00
Attending Managers: Patrick, Lukas, Mitja
Attending Members: Martin, Johannes, Kim, Erik, Luzian, Leo, Jonah, Philip, Pia, F.Huchinson, Luca, Andreas J., WiNu


In order to focus mainly on our upcoming move, many of the regular topics were skipped today

New Space

As announced via E-Mail, the CoMakingSpace will move to a new location in January.

  • 677m² "warehouse"
  • Close to Henkel
  • Public Transportation: close to Ochsenkopf and Pfaffengrund/Wieblingen
  • Rental begins on November 1st


Layout Siemensstraße.jpeg
  • A draft layout is available. It was made by Patrick. A more professional version will be made by Eileen.
  • Each Room gets one or two supervisors assigned
    • Will coordinate the detailed room layout (drafts in Sweet Home 3D)
    • Go-To person in case of questions
    • In case of doubt: Can decide on the room layout
  • E-Room: Johannes & Kim
  • Common Room: Martin
  • Workshop: Lukas

There will be a new storage possibility for members in the small corridor.

The Common room will be a little bit larger.

Lukas showed the current layout for the workroom. As can bee seen here:

  • Car "Spaces" for renting
  • Welding corner needs to be discussed
    • Within the building will be difficult
    • We have a little room in front of the new space, which we could possibly use
  • There is a wish for a corner which allows for spraying
    • Mid to long term we could think about building a seperate room with a vacuum system
Siemensstraße Workshop.png

Johannes presented the eroom layout:

  • Still missing is the table for all the 3D printers
  • The smaller tables as workstations

Insert Image HERE.

Martin shows the common room layout:

  • The escape route MUST remain free and unobstructed (yellow area)


Siemensstraße CommonRoom Option1.png


  • Has a kicker (therefore much superior to V1)
Siemensstraße CommonRoom Option2.png

Luca has offered a couch that could be used in the new chillout zone.

Building plans

  • We will have to build our own walls
    • The details can be found on Trockenbau
    • Talk to Lukas if you have suggestions
  • Helpers needed (see dudle)
    • Please have a look ;)
  • Tools are needed (who has these at home?)
    • Sackkarre von WiNu
    • F.Huchinson will check a different supplier for the dry walls for pricing

Moving Plan

  • We have a rough budget plan:
    • ~5500€
  • We have a rough time plan:
    • final large renovation effort on the weekend Nov 29-Dec 1
    • moving non-workshop equipment (e.g. lockers, tables, kitchen?) on the weekend Dec 6-8
    • closing the old Space and moving the essentials on the weekend Dec 13-15
    • Please sign yourself up as a helper in our dudle so we can plan additional "do-something" days!
  • Coordination during the building and movement phase: Tasks on a Kanban Board

  • In case you have tools or other things to share, please see the following list of needed stuff! The more support we can get through loans and donations, the more details we can afford:
Aktivität Zeitraum Position Grundkosten Pro Multiplikator Gesamtkosten Optionale Position? Übernommen von?
Wände einziehen - Gemeinschaftsraum, eRoom, Büro Ständerwerk (Metallprofile) 4,25 187 794,75
Dämmmaterial 5 187 935
Plattenmaterial (Gipsfaser) 6,3 187 1178,1
Plattenmaterial (Gipskarton) 2,33 187 435,71
Türen + umgebende Ständer 175 Stück 3 525
Blechschere 20 Stück 1 20 Martin (Leihgabe)
Leerrohre & Clips (Oberputz) m 0
Kabel - Strom m 0
Steckdosen (Oberputz) Stück 0
Lichtschalter (Oberputz) Stück 0
Kabel - Netzwerk m 0 x Luca (20m)
Kabel - Audio m 0 x
zweite Stehleiter (Arbeitshöhe min. 4,60 m) 47,95 Stück 1 47,95 x Patrick (evtl Leiter), Sylvano (evtl. Rollgerüst)
Plattenlift 200 Stück 1 200 x Lars (Leihgabe)
Wand- und Deckenschleifer (Mieten? Alternativ von Hand) 53 Wochenende 1 53 x
Gemeinschaftsraum herrichten Elektroheizung? oder Innenraum-geeignete Verbrennung (Gas+Abluft?) Stück 1 0
Außen/Zugang Panik-Einsteckschlösser 99 Stück 2 198
Briefkasten - wasserdicht! Stück 1 0
Umzug Auto/Sprinter/LKW (Mieten?) 100 Tag 5 500 Andi W (LKW)
Rollbretter (klein) Stück 0 Space (2), Lukas (1)
Rollbretter (massiver) Stück 0
Sackkarre(n) 1-2 Stück 0 WiNu
Sonstiges Helfergetränke 0 <muss privat sein> 0 0 x Lukas (4 Kisten), ..?
Helferessen (Burger, Chili, Hot Dogs) 0 <privat mit Selbstkostenkasse> 0 0 x Jochen (Termine TBD), ...
Kuchen? Snacks? 0
alte Bettlaken/Gardinen zur Maschinenabdeckung 0 <sollte Gebrauchtes sein> 0 0 Andreas J (2 Planen), ...

Area Patron Update

Area Patron Update Members Feedback
Electronics Bench Johannes any update? any feedback/thanks?
3D Printers Leo & Kim P1 has now a magnetic bed any feedback/thanks?
Woodturning Lukas added a roughing gouge thanks to the course participants in mid-October any feedback/thanks?
CNC Router Johannes any update? any feedback/thanks?
Kitchen (Fridge & Freezer) Kim & Johannes any update? any feedback/thanks?
Drilling Table Keno any update? any feedback/thanks?
Metal Lathe Luzian any update? any feedback/thanks?

Who else would like to become an Area Patron (Eckpate)? You could really contribute to the upcoming move!

  • wood workshop, e.g.:
    • sanding corner - F.Huchinson would like to become the patron here and give the area some much needed structure, Luca will support him
  • Metal Workshop, e.g.:
    • grinding
    • welding
    • hand tools
    • Precious Plastic

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