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Captive Ring Baby Rattle

Status: done, now adding photos
Release Date: March 2019
Initiator: Lukas
Materials Used: wood (apple log, self-dried), beeswax
Tools Used: woodturning tools:
Approx. Cost: next to nothing

Turning "captive rings" is a tricky technique, but tried by many woodturners at some point.

I taught myself how to do it in order to make a one-piece rattle for some awesome babies!

Choosing the Material

You'll need especially even-grained and dense wood for this project or the rings are prone to breaking.

I was very happy with the apple log I had laid aside for this project all along, but the birch I used as a first test behaved pretty bad.

Making the Hook Tool

First of all, I made the special tool needed to undercut the rings. There are commercial "ring" or "hook" tools available but I had seen DIY versions made from hex keys and obviously just had to try that!


more coming soon!