Hex Keys

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Hex Keys

Allen keys set.jpg
Synonyms: Allen keys, Allen wrenches;
DE: Inbusschlüssel, Imbusschlüssel,
Innensechskantschlüssel, Stiftschlüssel,
Winkelschlüssel, Winkelschraubendreher
Type: hand tool
Material: screws
Location: metal workshop & wood workshop (above drilling table)
Access Requirements: upon reading
Similar (More or Less): hex screwdriver bits, hex screwdrivers, Torx keys

Hex keys are used to fasten internal hex drive screws.

Besides metric hex drives in (half) millimeter steps, non-metric screws are relatively common so make sure the key you are using actually fits! Round keys don't work too well anymore...

There is a large set of metric and inch keys in the metal workshop and some common metric sizes in the grey screwdriver bit set.