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This page is not about materials. If you are looking for parts commonly referred to as hardware, try "metal parts".

All our tools and machines are listed here! Some are also included in other categories according to their functions, so you may find the same page from different angles. Most of the hand tools are open to use once you have read the corresponding wiki article, so start educating yourself ;-)
Others, especially machines with a power plug, require an introduction from an experienced user (tutor) in addition.

Besides the information on the tool and machine pages you may find some inspiration by clicking "What links here" in the toolbar on the left which may lead you to some cool project pages or instructions featuring the tool you are looking at!

If you would like to create a page for a tool or machine, please use Template:ToolInfoBox or Template:MachineInfoBox (documentation included) to make sure it will automatically be linked from here. To categorize other pages, e.g. a project, simply add [[Category:Hardware]] to the source code of the page. And, of course, always feel free to add to existing pages that may lack an important bit of information!

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