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Open Sign

Status: dismantled
Release Date: 2017
Initiator: Mitja
Materials Used: LEDs, ESP8266
Tools Used: SpaceAPI
Software Used: MicroPython, OpenSCAD

The letters "O P E N" should light up in green when the CoMakingSpace is open. To achieve this, the SpaceAPI is polled regularly by an ESP8266 and LEDs are turned on or off accordingly.

This project is using MicroPython for the firmware. The sign will connect to the Freifunk network on powerup and can be placed anywhere in the range of a Freifunk Rhein-Neckar network.


  • ☑ Downloading and parsing the SpaceAPI.
  • ☑ Doing it periodically.
  • ☑ Switching an output accordingly.
  • ☑ Build LED frontpanel.
  • ☑ Solder LEDs.
  • ☑ Find a power supply.
  • ☐ Arrange cabling in a box.
  • ☐ Attach it somewhere on the window.

Source Code

Find the source code on GitHub, including my OpenSCAD case design.