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Status: in progress
Release Date: May 2019
Initiator: Luzian
Team: Henrik
Materials Used: 3D printed parts
Software Used: various photogrammetry options
Approx. Cost: 20-60$

At Make Munich 2019, one of the exhibitors showed off his automated photogrammetry capturing system, the OpenScan. For photogrammetry you need a lot of pictures to get accurate results which can be tedious, the OpenScan does that for you.

The creator gave us a custom PCB and some conectors which are also available on his website or can be downloaded for free since it is completely Opensource. The OpenScan uses 2 standard NEMA 17 stepper motors (which Ciaran kindly donated) to rotate the object you want to scan in front of your camera. The board also has got an output to automatically trigger the camera.

Current State

All the parts have been printed and the components are all connected to the PCB thanks to Henrik. "All" that's left to do is assemble the frame, do the wiring and flash the firmware on the board.