Project:Basement Boot Rack

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Basement Boot Rack

Status: WIP
Release Date: 12-09-2023
Initiator: Adam F
Materials Used: Scrap Bed Slats, M10 Threaded Rod & Nuts, leftover 50x30mm softwood
Tools Used: Tablesaw, Drillpress, Quick Clamps, Hacksaw, Files, 17mm Spanner
Approx. Cost: WIP

This project was born out of the need to reclaim some space in our apartment and our section of the basment.

Currently our dirty shoes and boots take up a lot of space in the hallway or on shelves that are better suited holding other things.


Thanks to Ciaran, Lukas, Keno and Johannes for the conversations and suggesting different approaches that might be best for this project. See below for how it went.

The Process


"Honey, all of your shoes that you brough with you are taking up too much space on my shelves. I had an idea, maybe we get a shoe rack to put in the basement. Oh and since you are not working yet would you want to make one? You could use up that material that was left over after you fixed that other thing! I think something "simple" like my parents have in the hallway would be perfect!"

Making it happen...

  • Looked at the end location
  • Got some rough dimensions
  • Thought about how to make it happen
  • Brought material to the space
  • Had conversations about project
  • Looked in the scrap at the CoMakingSpace when I realized I didnt have enough material
  • Had conversations about project
  • Thought about those conversations and what to do next
  • Got new tool intros
  • Actually did a bit of work
  • Didnt like some of the work I had done
  • Had some more conversations
  • Went to Bauhaus and bought some threaded rod and nuts
  • Did some more work
  • Was a lot happier with that work
  • Started to put things together
  • Was extremely tedious.... took forever
  • Had a rough idea of what it was going to be like finished
  • Had more conversations
  • Needed to buy more nuts...
  • Needed another tool intro to make the thing look nicer
  • Brought it home
  • Had a conversation with the boss.
  • Now waiting for the boss to bring more material, as per the discussion.