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This is a wish list page - we don't have this tool yet!


Pocket Hole Jig

Synonyms: DE: Taschenloch-Bohrschablone,
Sacklochschablone, "Undercover Jig"
Type: joinery jig
Material: wood, screws

A pocket hole jig allows you to drill holes at an angle suitable for reinforcing butt joints with screws from the inside. This way, they can strongly grip into the grain.

Besides commercial products, there is also a 3d printable design, which is missing the metal part. It still seems to work, as used in building a soccer table. If we want a really cool semi-automatic variant that requires no clamping, Izzy Swan's "pocket hole machine" concept looks very promising! Here's the final version we could make.

There are several options for filling the holes if you would like to prettify the joint after installation.

Also interesting: we could make a pocket hole clamp to align the pieces before adding screws!