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Type: 3D CAD
Platform: all OS (online)
Source: https://www.onshape.com/
Installed on: device independent
Input Formats: claims to know all CAD files [1]
Output Formats: 3D: .stl, PARASOLID, ACIS
2D: .dxf, .dwg
(more information)
Users: Mitja, Luzian, Lukas

Onshape is a free, browser based 3D design tool especially suited for teamwork and more complicated 3D printing.

"Installation"/Sign In

Only an internet browser and WebGL are required to use Onshape. Simply visit [[2]] to see if your system supports it (it probably does).

Registering for an account is free and simple.

Preparing a Model for 3D Printing

Printing from Onshape is almost as easy as it gets:

  • align your model(s) if necessary, this may be more difficult later on
  • download the model as an STL file (Partstudio → Export → stl)
  • slice, e.g. in Cura