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Drawing Interchange Format

File Extension(s): .dxf
Type: 2D CAD
Software: AutoCAD, LaserCut 5.3,
Inkscape, Autodesk Fusion,

DXF (drawing interchange format) is a pretty old [1] file format to exchange 2D CAD files.

Caution: DXF files do not contain units of measurement! Make sure your import settings are correct.

Export from Inkscape

Exporting DXF is a regular task you are faced with when using Inkscape for laser cutting because LaserCut 5.3 does not accept SVG files.

  1. make sure to convert all objects (e.g. text) into paths
  2. File --> Save as copy: use DXF R14 if your program supports this
"Save as copy" should keep the original SVG intact in case you need to make adjustments to the design
  1. reportedly, the checkboxes "Use ROBO-Master type of spline output" and "Use LWPOLYLINE type of line output" need to be off in the popup window that follows [2] [3]

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