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Scalable Vector Graphics

SVG logo.svg
File Extension(s): .svg
Type: 2D graphic file format
Software: most vector graphics programs,
e.g. Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW
Machines: CNC router,
laser cutter (after export to DXF if using LaserCut 5.3)

SVG is a standardized format for vector graphics. We have experience using it for laser cutting and 2D CNC milling, but there are many other applications.

Many digital illustrations you'll see are SVGs.


"Extruding" an SVG means adding a third dimension, i.e. "thickening" it, so you can use the design for 3D printing. Here are some tools we have experience with:

  • Tinkercad offers direct SVG import which works in most cases
  • is a nice browser-based service - if the conversion times out and you don't see a result, visit your assigned link again after a few minutes and it should be there!