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Modifi3D (3D print finishing tool)

Material: Filament
Used with: 3D prints only,
no wood or solder
Location: electronics room
Access Requirements: read this page & the manual
Tutors: Mitja
Manual: manufacturer website
Similar (More or Less): soldering irons, pyrography burner

The Modifi3D finishing tool has a heated top, similar to a soldering iron (please do not use regular soldering irons on plastic). It comes with multiple tips for different tasks:

  • knife tip for cutting off parts or cleaning up edges
  • needle tip for small holes
  • point tip for larger holes
  • scoop tip to hollow out parts

Please use this tool on 3D printer material only! It is USB powered (8W), will heat up in 15 seconds and cool down in 30 seconds after unplugging. Heating will start after touching the metal knob (touch switch), after 25 seconds the tool will go into sleep mode. It comes with a small sheet metal stand to rest on while hot.


  • Heated tip can cause fires or burn your skin. Place it on the stand and wait until it is cooled down before exchanging tips.
  • Do not file the tips.