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Mallets are basically hammers with heads that are softer than steel.

Wooden Mallets

Carpenter's Mallets


Carpenter's Mallets

Carpenter's mallet.JPG
Synonyms: DE: Schreinerklüpfel, Klopfholz
Type: hand tool
Used with: (large) woodworking chisels
Location: wood workshop
Access: upon reading

A carpenter's mallet has a heavy hardwood head (usually white or red beech). It is used to drive (large) woodworking chisels without damaging their handles.

Improvised Light-Weight Mallet

Lukas made a simple wooden mallet from an old bedpost before we had a real carpenter's mallet. Due to its light weight it is still useful for driving small chisels, though! Making a similar one yourself is very simple, but the grain direction of the wood is not ideal for hitting stuff...

You should be able to find it in the wood workshop.