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Type: CAM
Platform: Windows
License: proprietary, free demo
Input Formats: STL, DXF, SVG
Output Formats: G-code

Estlcam is a beginner friendly tool to create G-code for a CNC mill. Thomas Sanladerer recommends Estlcam as beginner friendly tool if Fusion 360's CAM is too complex.

Preparing Designs for Milling

It has been reported that DXF works better than SVG, so keep that in mind when exporting your design. Always make sure that paths are closed in any case.

Installing on Linux

Using a VM

Run Windows in a VM and install Estlcam there.

Using Wine

The 32 bit version of Estlcam works with wine. It will only run sometimes, most of the time Estlcam will report "An unexpected error occured :-(".

First install wine and winetricks. Make sure to run a 32 bit Windows:

export WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32
export WINEARCH=win32

You should remove the drive Z: to disable access to your filesystem, either via winecfg or

rm ~/.wine32/dosdevices/z:

Then run winetricks and choose "Install a Windows DLL or component". Install

  • d3dx9_36 (DirectX 9)
  • dotnet40 (.NET 4.0)
  • gdiplus (GDI+)

This can also be done by running

winetricks dotnet40 gdiplus d3dx9_36

Download the Estlcam 32 bit setup to ~/.wine32/drive_c (because you removed access to your filesystem) and run

wine Estlcam_setup.exe

After installation you can just call it regularly:

wine ~/.wine32/drive_c/Program\ Files/Estlcam9/Estlcam32.exe