Bolt Cutter

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Bolt Cutter

Bolt Cutter.jpg
Synonyms: DE: Bolzenschneider
Type: hand tool
Material: metal rods (up to 8 mm Ø)
Location: metal workshop
Access Requirements: read this page
Similar (More or Less): diagonal pliers

A bolt cutter is used to cut metal rods or chains quickly and can handle thicker stock than other "cutting pliers".

You shouldn't use it for threaded rods, metric screws or other parts where you would want a nice and clean cut, but it's very handy for shortening wood screws! Just make sure you tap the holes with an intact screw prior to inserting the cut ones or you will have a hard time getting them in there.


Be aware of flying parts! Protect yourself and others, especially when cutting off just a little bit as that will most likely be propelled through half the room.

Side note: bolt cutters are often used for the wrong reasons and are commonly viewed as a "break-in tool" - just be aware of that when sporting one in public...


The tool has to be disassembled prior to sharpening and is re-adjusted upon assembly, more details once we have more experience with this!