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An Oscilloscope is an electronics measurement device, which can show you signal voltage on a display. With this, it enables you to analyze the signal.

Rigol DS1102CD


Rigol DS1102CD

Rigol DS1022CD.JPG
Synonyms: DE: Oszilloskop
Type: Oscilloscope
Location: Electronics Area
Access Requirements: Read the Wiki Page
Status: Working
Manual: Cloudinary

We have a Rigol DS1022CD which was upgraded to a DS1102CD in order to increase the bandwidth.


The exact specs can be found in the manual, this is just meant to serve as a rough overview.

  • Dual Channel, 100 MHz bandwidth
  • Easy one-touch AUTO function
  • Adjustable triggers: Edge, Video, Pulse width, Slope, Alternative, Pattern and Duration
  • 16 optional digital channels
  • 320x234 TFT LCD
  • Digital filters: LPF, HPF, BPF, BRF

List of Accessories

coming soon