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Synonyms: DE: Laubsägen
Type: hand saw
Material: wood, metal
Location: Handheld Wood Tool Area
Access Requirements: read the wiki page
Similar (More or Less): scroll saw

A fretsaw has an especially thin blade and wide frame which allow cutting narrow curves and holes.

The blade is under quite some tension; we could make a simple jig to aid changing it. Using tongue-and-groove pliers will let you tighten the wing nuts well enough so the blade does not snap right out again after a few seconds.

Another accessory we should make is a "fretsaw table" like this one.

Saw Blades

Please bring your own blades if you need anything specific, we can't promise to keep any variety in stock at the moment and there are many different types!

Replacement saw blades cost approx. 30 ct per blade in local hardware stores.