Centerline Gauge

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Centerline Gauge

Centerline gauge.jpg
Synonyms: centerline finder, centerline marker, centerline scriber;
DE: Mittenfinder, Mittenmarkierer, "Zentrierwerkzeug"
Type: marking tool
Material: wood (long, straight pieces)
Used with: pencil
Location: wood workshop (above drilling table)
Similar (More or Less): marking gauge

Keno built a centerline gauge for the space. It lives in the drilling area.

The aluminium rods can be set in a narrower and a wider setting for different beam widths. It's accurate to roughly 1 mm, with most of the error stemming from how well the pencil tip is centered in the hole.

Hey, you could always ask Luzian to precision-sharpen a pencil for best results! ;-)

How It Works

Simply put a pencil into the central hole, set the centerline gauge on top of the edge you want to mark, turn it until both pins touch the sides and drag everything along the board! You should now see a nice centerline.