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The table below lists tools and machines from other makers that can be borrowed at their discretion.

The CoMakingSpace is not involved in any shape or form and is not accountable for any of these tools and their safety!

How to contact a tool owner

Click on the link of the user to go to their user page. In the menu at the top you'll find the option Tools>Email This User. Some users may have additional contact information directly on their user page.

How to join

You have a tool you'd like to make available to other people? Awesome!

To add it to the list you have to edit your own User Page and add each tool like this:

While in text based editor (Edit source)

Add a line with: [[Lends Tool:: <YourTool>|<optionalLinkName>]]

While in graphical editor (Edit)

Add a link with the 🔗 button and write the following into the "CoMakingSpace Wiki" field Lends Tool:: <YourTool>. If you want to change the displayed name, you can "Change Text" after clicking "Done".

The <YourTool> part links automatically to a wiki page with that same name, therefore creating subpages on your user page for each of your tools might be a good idea. An example would be User:Pakue/Dodo Catcher. Here the <YourTool> would be User:Pakue/Dodo Catcher. You can add images and description/notes there to better describe the tool.


 Lends Tool
Lukas/Impact Drill
LuzianLuzian/Foam Cutter
MitjaMitja/Einhell TE-RO 1255 E
PakuePakue/Dodo Catcher
Pakue/Makita SDS Hammer Drill HR2440
Pakue/Makita HR2440