Project:French Cleat Storage

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French Cleat Tool Storage

Status: planned
Initiator: Lukas, Mitja
Team: who else would like to help?
Materials Used: wood (mostly scraps!),
screws, wood glue
Tools Used: table saw, cordless drill,
various hand tools for holders

A French cleat system basically works by mounting long beveled boards on the wall and hanging matching modules with the opposite bevel on them.

Making a new tool holder is a great beginner's woodworking project, and more advanced Makers may like the challenge to improve existing ones!

Tool Holders

Be as creative as you like! We have lots of tools that could be stored better. Just remember to update the tools' location here in the wiki if you move something :-)

Wall Pieces

We'll see which wall we'll mount them on before cutting the long wall cleats.