Project:Free Standing Mirror

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I have two doors with mirror that used to belong to Ikea wardrobes. I was a bit frustrated that my desk top used only right angles so I turned one of those mirrors into a free standing one with as many weird angles as possible.


Free Standing Mirror

Mirror before finish.jpg
Status: Done
Release Date: 2021-11-03
Initiator: Ronan
Materials Used: mirror, wood glue, universal glue, construction lumber
Tools Used: saw, sandpaper, hand plane
Approx. Cost: 15€

I used some 17x36x2000mm construction lumber, all assembly is made with only glue. The special high strength mirror glue from Pattex is utter shit and did not adhere at all to the back of the mirror. Some normal universal glue did the job of gluing the mirror to the frame.

The whole thing is as flimsy as possible; if it becomes a problem I can reinforce it later: it will be easy to add braces to the legs or dowels where the legs are glued to the frame. I am quite happy with the accuracy of the cuts, the joints are not too gappy and I did not need to change anything to get all the feet in the same plane!