Grip Pliers

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Grip Pliers

Grip pliers.jpg
Synonyms: locking pliers, vise grip clamps,
mole grips; DE: Gripzangen, Feststellzangen
Type: hand tool
Material: metal, wood,
anything you
need to "sandwich"
Location: metal workshop
Access Requirements: upon reading
Similar (More or Less): pliers

Grip pliers are special pliers that can be adjusted to hold an object without the user holding them shut. Common uses are in metalworking, e.g. welding or sharpening.

Use them where a vise won't go!

Take the time to adjust the gripping force by turning the knob at the end of one of the tool's legs before you start a job that relies on it! Frequently testing the result makes this process easier.

The strong force will easily damage the thread of a bolt, so you should counter two nuts and use those as a holding point if you need to grind off part of the screw head.