G-Code Senders

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In order to send G-Code to our CNC router, you will need one of the programs below.
Please note that the option used at the CoMakingSpace is CNCjs installed on the Raspberry Pi in the CNC Area. This is the only option you will get support for from our tutors.

Commands to Avoid

In order to avoid errors with our WorkBee CNC router and some senders, the code should currently not contain:

Software Options

Recommended option:Using the Attached Raspberry Pi (CNCjs)

We have a dedicated Raspberry Pi attached to the CNC Router. It provides web based interfacing with the CNC Router.

CNCJs is accessible on "http://comakingcnc:8080"
A detailed guide on this can be found on the CNCjs page

Using Your Own Computer

Univeral GCode Sender (Cross Platform)

Universal GCode Sender is a Java Program which was tested successfully with our CNC Router. If you decide to use it, please use the nigthly ("some what stable ugs classic interface").
Documentation and downloads can be found on their Website.


This has its own page: bCNC

Other Options

The Grbl-Wiki provides an overview of GCode senders.