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A category for the various rooms/sections making up the CoMakingSpace.

How to Find Us

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Siemensstraße 40
69123 Heidelberg

Our entrance: ///stunning.gearing.between

Public Transportation

You can reach us by train, by tram and by bus:

  • By Tram: Take Tram 5 to Heidelberg Ochsenkopf. From there, walk below the tram lines and cross Henkel-Terosonstraße in order to enter Hans-Bunte Straße. Take a right at Siemensstraße and get to number 40. Take a right and enter the area.
  • By Train: Take S3 to Heidelberg Pfaffengrund/Wieblingen. On the bridge, walk towards Pfaffengrund. Take a right at Hans-Bunte Straße and a left at Siemensstraße. Get to number 40 and take a right to enter the area.
  • By Bus: Take Bus 34 to Hans-Bunte Straße. Enter Hans-Bunte Straße and walk towards Siemensstraße. Take a left at Siemensstraße and get to number 40. Take a right and enter the area.

You can identify our part of the hall by the "CoMakingSpace" signs!


There's not a lot of space for your car right in front of our hall. However, there is usually plenty of space on Hans-Bunte-Straße around the corner. As indicated above, you can also get to us by public transportation!


For the educational sessions also known as "workshops", see seminars!

A workshop is a room equipped for a range of practical project work - we have three of those, depending on your material and/or the kind of side effects your activity has:

noise & dust: wood workshop noise & sparks: metal workshop smell/fumes: 3D printing & electronics room If you just need space to work on something that does not require personal protection and would not disturb someone sitting nearby, you can probably do it in the common room!


Below you'll find a list of the rooms and areas we have at the CoMakingSpace: