Bandsaw Direction Jig

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Bandsaw Direction Jig

Bandsaw jig.jpg
Synonyms: "bandsaw jig"; DE: Bandsägen-Einstellhilfe, "Bandsägenlineal"
Type: bandsaw jig
Used with: square, bevel gauge or goniometer
Location: Saw Station

This simple jig lets you measure a bandsaw blade's precise direction by prolonging the straight back of the band while "skipping" the alternatingly set teeth.

To use, simply let it snap to the blade with its magnet and make sure the blade's teeth are in the groove where they do not actually touch the jig. You now have a much larger area available to measure the blade's angle!

also works on the horizontal bandsaw!

Detailed instructions are found in this video by Maschinenhandel Meyer (DE)