(Archived) KingCraft KBF-1050E

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KingCraft KBF-1050E


KingCraft KBF-1050E

Location: Martin's locker
Access Requirements:
Status: broken
Manual: ferm.com

broken tool - this section may be removed soon, ignore it for now! You can use the Ferm router in the router table if you need to

Martin brought a router which is attached to the router table.

We currently have 6 and 8 mm collets for it (an extra 8 mm one is in the storage room along with replacement carbon brushes).

The depth setting screw is very useful for fine adjustments, but when it is loose and the router is mounted upside down it can fall out because of the vibrations. Therefore, this screw should be used to hold the router in position under the router table instead of the clamping lever on the back. Unfortunately, one of the falls seems to have broken the handle off the screw, both parts are currently in the box with broken equipment on the ladder shelf.

Repairs & Upgrades

Watch out! This tool has been repaired for now, but may suffer another defect in the near future. If anything looks, feels or sounds wrong to you, do not use it and immediately talk to a tutor or manager!

  • 2018-11-25 (after approx. 5 uses of the router table; ask Lukas for more details)
    • cast metal "collar" discovered to be broken in several places, spindle locking button put back in position with a zip tie (epoxied to the collar so it can't slip off)
    • cut a longer thread into the depth setting screw so it can be tightened in any router position
  • 2019-3-27
    • previous hack broken a few days before as reported in issue #105
    • locking collar removed, 14 mm wrench added to the router table for locking