E-ink Display 32" from Visionect

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Recycling 32" E-ink dispalys

32" E-ink Display FrontDoor.jpg
Release Date: 2018
Initiator: Johannes
Team: Johannes
Software Used: https://docs.visionect.com/index.html

Johannes got some partly broken 32" E-ink displays.


The E-Ink Displays are attached to controller boards from visionect, which are centrally controlled by the visionect server running on our Raspberry Pi:

In case you want to buy such a display for youlself, please go to the Visionect Shop


In order to be able to control the boards, we installed the Visionect Software Suite on the Raspberry Pi in the common room.

List of E-ink Displays in the network:

Controller Board Name State Location Usable Area Picture of the Area
board 1 offline - - -
board 2 offline - - -
board 3 offline - - -
board 4 online Front Door 3/4 32" E-Ink Display Dead Area display1.png
board 5 offline - - -
E-ink mit Wifi offline - - -

You can find Templates for Pictures on GitHub once Johannes figures out how GitHub works.

The Visionect Server provides a webinterface on port 8081.
Therefore, if you just want to use your browser to control the Visionect Server (e.g. in order to display a web page on the displays), please navigate to comakingcontroller:8081. In case you want to display your own dynamic content, please either host your own webpage (e.g. on the same pi) and configure the device accordingly or see the App Development Guide provided by Visionect.