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Synonyms: bit braces, carpenter's braces, ratchet braces;
DE: Bohrwinden, Bohrkurbeln, "Handbohrer"
Material: wood
Used with: auger bits
Location: Wood Workshop (above drilling table)
Similar (More or Less): other drills

Braces are used to drive auger bits properly and without damage to the lead screw. Only special variants of these drill bits are suitable for machine use!

It is often a good idea to push the bit & brace into your workpiece horizontally: that way, you can lean on it with some of your body weight rather than having to press from the arm, and it's relatively easy to see whether you are drilling squarely.

Make sure to select the right kind of brace for your bit:

  • 4-jaw chuck with a square hole at its base for square tapered shafts Auger bit shaft - square.png
  • 3-jaw chuck for hexagonal shafts