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This category contains workbenches in the shared workshops as well as private ones built by our members and should serve as usage guide as well as inspiration for building your own!

Build a Workbench

Whether you're a member with space in our storage corridor or just lucky enough to have enough space at home, maybe this section can help you building your own workbench!

First off, you'll have to decide what your workbench will mostly be used for. Will you need lots of light, many power outlets, or room for special equipment? Next, you should think about whether you will stand or sit when you are working - or a combination of both? Perhaps this video about sizing a standing workbench or Ergotron's "Workspace Planner" tool will help you decide on some dimensions.

Some nicely documented workbench builds on other sites:

You can find links to some of the CoMakingSpace's workbenches at the bottom of this page - the pages beginning with Project: are showcases of the ones we have built (or are currently building) ourselves!

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