VisiCut Troubleshooting

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Here we collect what we learn about issues with the laser cutting software VisiCut.

Installation on Mac

For users with macOS Sierra (10.12), the Gatekeeper under OS X won't let you start the application right away as it is not signed with a verified developer account. To disable the Gatekeeper type into the Terminal (CLI) following command:

sudo spctl --master-disable

It will prompt you for your password. Now the Gatekeeper is disabled and you can launch VisiCut. Be sure to reenable the Gatekeeper after the first launch with the command:

sudo spctl --master-enable

VisiCut will start again even after reenabling.

Font Errors

In case of font errors (something like "reverted to Arial" or "font not found" - please correct), go back into your SVG file, e.g. with Inkscape, and convert all the text objects to paths.

This should fix it, but make sure to keep a working copy with texts still as objects to keep them editable! Alternatively, you may have success with the VisiCut plugin for Inkscape.