Shopping Experience

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This page is mainly for recurring and large quantity purchases where you might want to find the best option based on past experiences.

Please add sources for consumables and spare parts to this list when you buy something and leave a few lines about the quality, value for money and delivery time to improve future collective or individual purchases.

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Key Rings & Chains

  • 25 mm key rings
    • 100 from Amazon (approx. 7 ct apiece)
    • good deal, solid material


  • foldback clips (binder clips)
    • assortment of 50 from Amazon (approx. 17 ct apiece)
    • still pretty expensive...


  • masking tape, beige, 50 mm
    • six 50 m rolls from Amazon (approx. 5 ct per meter)
    • sticks very well

(2D) Printing

  • Labelmaker cassettes, black on white, 9 mm
    • three 7 m cassettes from Amazon (approx. 1 € per meter)
    • worked fine at first, but removing the protective film from the adhesive side was very hard on several stretches

Wearing Parts (DE: Verschleißteile)

Drill Bits

Many drill bits can be sharpened when dull, but we will definitely have to buy new ones now and then.


  • pegboard hooks
    • 100 from Amazon (approx. 20 ct apiece)
    • very cheap, work fine for tools with holes, more complicated hooks can be printed or bent by hand when the need arises