Project:Electric Car

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Fully Recycled Electric Car

Status: planned
Release Date: -
Initiator: F.Huchinson
Team: open for everyone to join
Materials Used: reclaimed stuff from junkyards
Tools Used: Welding Transformer, Disc Grinder, ...
Software Used: depends on the functions inside the car
Approx. Cost: hopefully affordable

So as many have heard as a long-term project I want to build a electric car out of reclaimed stuff. There are a lot of ideas and a whole lot more questions. If you have ideas or want to join the project feel free to message me :)


  • Building simple and improve step-by-step
  • Using a motor from a washing machine to use with a "Versicherungskennzeichen"
  • using a motor from a electric forklift (approx. 8HP)
  • building a retro chassis
  • high capacity for better mileage
  • make it a hard top convertible
  • solar panels on the roof to charge while driving
  • selfmade seats

Potential Problems

  • our welding transformer might not be up for the job (MAG or WIG would fit better)
  • funding
  • how to get the certificate to legally drive it on the street
  • since it's not a one-day project and pretty large where to store it
  • suspension
  • steering
  • finding a differential small enough
  • I'm sure a whole lot more...