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Status: Finished
Release Date: October 2020
Initiator: Paul
Tools Used: Laser Cutter

In the summer of 2020, I had the idea of labeling cutlery in a way that creates maximum confusion. Thanks to the laser cutter, I also had an idea how this could be done: Spray the stainless steel cutlery with markSolid LMM144 (an incredibly overpriced marking spray) and then burn in the writing. So I created a template in Adobe Illustrator to burn into the flatware: I wanted to write "spoon" on the fork, "fork" on the knife, and "knife" on the spoon. So I put the cutlery one after the other into the laser, at 100% power I also use 100% speed. I repeated the marking process several times in a row so that the writing would survive the dishwasher.

But beware: When removing the cutlery, it had heated up very strongly itself, so watch out! The lettering has so far held completely on the cutlery, it is very well received by guests and I can only recommend a replica.

For those of you speaking German: I have written an article on my blog about the project, there you can also download the SVG files directly.