Precision Combination Chuck

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Precision Combination Chuck


Precision Combination Chuck

Precision Combination Chuck.jpg
Used with: Tyme Avon wood lathe
Location: woodturning area
Access Requirements: read this page & manual
Manual: Drechslerforum
Similar (More or Less): four-jaw chucks, faceplates

The "precision combination chuck" is a flexible chuck which can be used with our wood lathe and relatively small workpieces [citation needed]. Our manual says "Craft Supplies Ltd." but it seems to be identical to a Robert Sorby product.

It provides several modes:

  • Expanding dovetail collets
  • 3-way split rings
  • Pin chucks
  • Collar chuck
  • Cup chuck
  • Screw chucks
  • Spigot/collet chuck
  • Adjustable collet chucks
  • three- & four-jaw chucks
  • Faceplate rings

Please see the manual for further information and help us by adding workpiece size ranges to the list above!