Plenum/Meeting minutes/2022-08-10

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The plenum on 2022-8-10 was focused on upcoming events and their respective planning.

Do-something day (August 20th)

Open Day (September 24th)

  • The CoMakingSpace turns 5 in September!
  • We will have an open day to celebrate this
  • supervised activities for visitors - ideas & tutors welcome!
    • 3D printing Lmnl99
    • Heidleberg trashure will do some collaborative art project
    • laser cutting/engraving (Sebastian)
      • Project:Laser Engraved Stamps?
      • personalized give-aways with logo/"offene Werkstatt in Heidelberg" + visitor's name? Could be pencils or clothespins
      • engraved portraits in wood? Requires much more preparation & machine time (cost!)
    • Upcycling of used beer/wine bottles (Lukas)
  • further ideas
  • lots of exhibition pieces wanted (show off your projects!)
    • Luca will be around
    • Heidleberg trashure will bring existing things
    • Martin will bring existing projects
    • Prepare slideshow of existing projects (Martin)
    • Prepare name tags for people who are known to be around (e.g. laser them on September 23rd)
    • Cut something on the CNC Router upfront (and create video to show create progress)
  • We need some PR to advertise
    • Poster (Björn, Martin will show what´s avaible (e.g. the ideas from St3ffi)
      • Martin will provide Björn access to the Nextcloud
      • Posters need to be given to Stadt Heidelberg latest at September 9th
    • Invites to press Lukas
      • Rhein Neckar Zeitung
      • Heise (Make Magazin)
    • Instagram, Facebook, etc. Posts
    • Landing Page on Website
      • QR for the Poster should lead to the landing page
      • Martin to create the link
      • If push comes to shove: Lukas can create content
  • Please keep poking people to participate in the event when you meet them personally at the space!

Maus Türöffnertag (October 3rd)

  • Sebastian plans to be available at that day --> Help execute existing concepts
  • Activities needed
    • 3D Printing (Lmnl99)
      • Keep printers running
      • Explain 3D Printing to the kids
      • Let kids design their own keychain (e.g. with their name)
      • Martin to check whether we can use the mouse logo
      • Topic relation: 3D Printers connect individual layers of plastics
    • Project:Laser Engraved Stamps
      • Topic relation: Connect analogue design / drawing with digital technology
    • Create a huge mouse and elephant from scrap that the kids can bring (and members donate upfront) Heidleberg trashure
      • Topic relation: connecting materials leftover at different homes to create something new
    • Electronics (Project:Counter Board) --> Patrick
      • Topic relation: soldering connects electronics and we are adding some "Spannung" to make it work
    • Open: Will we manage to get some woodworking project?
  • Poster needed? (would need to be given to Stadt Heidelberg by September 22nd)
    • Lukas: I think we can rely on the official organisation taking care of PR and invest our time in other tasks, or have we made own posters for this in the past?

Repair Café (October 15th)

  • second installment of our Repair Café cooperation with Ökostadt Rhein-Neckar (the first event went great!)
  • we need helpers who know their way around the Space and like to welcome new visitors ("Orga") and/or are good at fixing things ("Reparatur")
  • Please keep poking people to participate in the event when you meet them personally at the space!

CodeWeek (October 8th - October 23rd)

New (and newly available) tools at the space

=> Delta Sander

=> New Eccentric Sander (Bosch GEX 40-150)

Next Meeting

Not defined yet - we'll see ;-)