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Example: Nails

Alte Nägel.jpg
Synonyms: DE: Nägel,
On Site? yes
Suggested Donation: 3 ct
Location: wood workshop
Suggested Tools: hammers, pincers,
drift punch
Used with: wood, wood glue
Contains: usually galvanized iron
("wire nails") or steel
Similar (More or Less): screws, staples, rivets

We call everything that is consumed and incorporated into a project a "material" - this InfoBox is intended to provide a quick and easy overview over each material, similar to the MachineInfoBox and ToolInfoBox.


To use this template, simply copy this code into your page and enter the relevant parameters:

|material name=
|used with=

For example, entering the following leads to the box on the right:

|material name=Example: Nails
|image=Alte Nägel.jpg
|synonyms=DE: Nägel,<br>Drahtstifte
|donation=3 ct
|location=[[Wood Workshop|wood workshop]]
|tools=[[hammers]], [[pincers]],<br>[[Punches#Drift Punch|drift punch]]
|used with=[[wood]], [[Wood Glue|wood glue]]
|contains=usually galvanized iron<br>("wire nails") or steel
|similar=[[screws]], [[staples]], [[rivets]]

You can also leave a field empty and it will either disappear or be filled with a default value. Make frequent use of the "Show preview" button while editing and it should be clear.

Please also check whether your page matches one of the material categories and, if so, categorize it so it is found more easily!


Unnamed Material

Synonyms: or in German?
Suggested Tools: