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There are special spray paints that you can apply to any blank metal surface and bond it permanently by engraving the desired spots with a laser cutter. Wherever the laser engraves, the spray will stay as a colored coating on the metal. Everywhere else the paint can easily be washed or wiped off.

We have tried spray paint for black markings (markSolid 114) but there are more options from the same brand, products by other manufacturers and even "hacks" involving cheap molybdenum dry lube or plaster and alcohol.


Like any other spray paint, please use it outside out of courtesy to fellow breathing lifeforms and our tabletops.

  1. make sure your surface is absolutely dust and grease-free
  2. shake the spray can for at least one minute
  3. open the spray can and choose the black spray cap for small surfaces or the whitish one for larger surfaces
  4. apply an even coat of the spray paint, but not too thick!
  5. wait for the paint to dry, it turns into a light grey when fully dried
  6. engrave the part where you want the black coating (settings as if you want to cut, it needs a lot of heat!)
  7. wipe off the remaining paint carefully

MarkSolid 114


markSolid 114

Synonyms: black laser marking spray;
DE: Laser-Markierspray
Suggested Tools: laser cutter
Used with: stainless steel and "all other metals"
Contains: molybdenum trioxide


  • use high power settings to make the mark permanent (e.g. 100 % power, 5 % speed)
  • this stuff is pretty expensive, but maybe you'll find a few other members to share a can!


  • sheet of aluminum, coated with markSolid 114
  • after engraving
  • excess paint wiped off