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This is a wish list page - we don't have this tool yet!


Laser Exhaust System

Material: fumes and particles from a laser cutter
Used with: laser cutter
Access Requirements:

Good ventilation is required for clean laser cutting and the wellbeing of all operators! Once we get a laser cutter we also need a large exhaust filtering unit that extracts the fumes, cleans them with a particle filter and an activated charcoal cartridge, and blows the remaining air outside.

We are going to build our own system for the LS6090 laser cutter!


The fan itself is just a small white box that we'll integrate into the overall system. We don't have a name, brand or manual but here's what we know:

  • type: radial blower/"sucker"
  • air duct diameter: 15 cm
  • air volume: 380 m³/h (says HPC)
  • size (without feet): W28 × D25 × H21 cm
    • feet add 2.4 cm to the height

Running Cost

Filters are consumables and quite expensive once they're saturated, but they should last a year or so (good units have indicators of air flow for better estimation).