Lapping Stones

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Lapping Stones

Lapping stone.JPG
Synonyms: flattening stones, truing stones, lapping plates;
DE: Abrichtsteine, Abrichtblöcke
Material: sharpening stones
Location: metal workshop (under "sharpening table")
Access Requirements: read this page

Lapping stones are flattening blocks for sharpening stones. Moritz made us some out of dense construction bricks!

In order to produce straight faces on the sharpening stone, the lapping stone must be precisely flat to begin with. If you have two of them, you can rub their slotted surfaces against each other until they touch everywhere (make pencil marks and keep going until they are evenly erased).


To flatten ("dress") a hollowed sharpening stone, best use some silicon carbide powder as an abrasive between lapping stone and sharpening stone. [1]