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GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)

The GIMP icon - gnome.svg
Type: image editing
Platform: cross-platform
License: GNU General Public License
Source: download or code
Input Formats: tons (including SVG, JPEG,
GIF, BMP, PNG, ...)
Output Formats: XFC project files &
nearly all that can be input
Users: Lukas

GIMP is a powerful free alternative to image editing programs like Photoshop.

Unlike simple scribbling programs such as MS Paint, you can make use of layers to keep individual elements manageable.

Common Uses

  • touching up photographs
  • putting together panels, e.g. for articles
  • removing background from images (DE: Freistellen)
    • looks better on posters/presentations/etc.
    • allows mixing of independent images, e.g. to place people into exotic settings - or dogs into fruit bowls...
good dog
bad dog!