Design Sharing Platforms

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Sometimes you don't want to design something yourself and just build someone else's design. There are several platforms which share designs for free, and others which require paying a fee for each design.

For the file types we have covered already, you may also find links to a few repositories in their FormatInfoBox.

Free Designs

  • Thingiverse (owned by Makerbot)
    • probably the most popular platform for 3D printing
    • after Thingiverse was bought by Makerbot, many designers left this platform
  • Instructables (owned by Autodesk)
    • often including detailed help with the tools involved
  • YouMagine (owned by Ultimaker)
  • OBRARY (Open liBRARY of product designs)
  • Inventables|Projects
    • CNC router designs (to show off this manufacturer's machines and software)
    • often including the steps to make something, but not always freely downloadable
  • Github