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Iwata Neo CN.jpg
Synonyms: DE: Airbrush-Pistolen, Airbrush-Geräte
Material: airbrush paint
Used with: airbrush compressor
Location: airbrush area
Access Requirements: read this page

Airbrushes are precision tools to apply airbrush paint, with very fine nozzle diameters ranging between 0.2 and 0.5 mm.

They are "powered" with air from a suitable airbrush compressor.


Cleaning is mandatory after every session. Even during a session, be aware that paint can dry quickly and clog the airbrush. If you interrupt your airbrush session even for as little as 5 minutes: please remove any remaining paint AND rinse the airbrush with water and a few drops of cleaning agent, using the dedicated cleaning jar.

At the end of the session (if no one else wants to continue using the airbrush area): please clean the airbrush thoroughly, following these instructions: (This should take around 15 minutes, so don't leave it too late.)

  • remove any remaining color from the compartment
  • fill the compartment with water and run it through the airbrush (Please use the rinsing jar for this, so to collect all coloured water and residue)
  • disconnect airbrush from compressor
  • disassemble the entire airbrush on a large enough and clean surface; make sure no parts fall down, particularly the needle (€15 replacement cost!) – see animated GIF below
  • clean all parts, removing ALL visible paint. Please do not use any metal brushes for cleaning.
  • reassemble the airbrush and put it back into its case – see animated GIF below


Animated GIFs (24 seconds each) that show the disassembly and reassembly of our Iwata Neo CN airbrush:

airbrush disassembly for cleaning
airbrush reassembly