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** inside diameter  
** inside diameter  
* drill a hole
* drill a hole
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This is the content required for an introduction to our metal lathe - reading this does NOT replace the mandatory session with a tutor! It will make it a lot quicker though ;-)



  • rotating chuck
    • can easily catch loose clothing, jewellery or hair
  • loose work pieces can be thrown at high speeds
  • no prevention of turning on after loss & restoration of power (keine Anlaufsicherung)
  • small debris can be thrown towards the user
  • cluster of shavings ('rats nests') can be caught by the chuck -> very sharp; quickly rotating object...
    • turn off the lathe and remove the shavings before continuing
  • shavings (especially steel) are very sharp & hot
  • parts of the machine/workpiece can become hot
  • autofeed will cause a crash if left unattended!


  • wear short sleeved clothing or tight fitting sleeves
  • tie long hair together
  • don't wear any kind of jewellery (e.g. rings) as they may get caught in the chuck or trap shavings
  • wear Personal Protection but not gloves, as they might get caught in the rotating parts
  • make sure to secure the workpiece properly in the chuck
  • make sure the tool bit is secured properly in its holder
    • use the appropriate chuck for each workpiece
  • never leave the machine unattended, especially when working with autofeed
  • regularly remove shavings around the chuck (when machine is turned off)
  • keep transmission covers closed during operation
  • compound slides move 0.2mm per 1/10 of a revolution (1 indent)
    • radius reduces twice as much


The tutor will show you these steps in detail:

Function and Maintenance

Change Gearing

Change and Secure a Workpiece


Turning a Piece with and without Autofeed

  • turn a part to size
    • outside diameter
    • inside diameter
  • drill a hole

Waiting List

This introduction takes longer than many others and usually can't be done spontaneously during regular opening times. If you would like to receive it, please enter yourself >>here<< and we will find a good time once a few members are on the list!