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Quick Info

Oliver Keller portrait.jpg
Name: Oliver Keller
Expertise: electronics, embedded linux, sensors, radiation detectors, radioactivity
Interests: experimental & interdisciplinary projects, audio synthesizers
eMail: oliver PUNKT keller AT pm PUNKT me
Twitter: 0zelot
GitHub: ozel
Telegram: ozelott

Hi, I am an engineer turned physicist and often do something with electronics. Since I spent the last few years doing a (kind of late) PhD, it's difficult to say if some of my projects are rather personal or more 'work related'. One example is the DIY Particle Detector (made it on the front page of Hacker News ;-).

I'm originally from Munich and was for some time a member of the FabLab Munich. In recent years I've joined the Swiss biohackerspace Hackuarium. My favorite project there is Living Instruments which I've developed together with a few other experimental music enthusiast.

I am really looking forward to meet more of the HD maker community soon as I joined and moved to the city only recently (May 2021).

Plans & Ideas

Besides woodworking and electronics, I'm planning to do some light physical chemistry stuff soon, like growing simple (piezo) salt crystals and making some DIY metaloxide semiconductors (just diodes and no nasty chemicals required ;). For that I'm planing to buy small machines like a magnetic stirrer/hot late and ultrasonic cleaning bath. Let me know if you'd be interested in working with these things as well, we could maybe setup a small wet ware lab corner?