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Quick Info

Name: Andreas Rudolph
Expertise: Wood, metal, textile, electronics, programming, engineering, mechanics, construction work.
eMail: andreas at
Twitter: @ProdMgrNet
Telegram: AR69115


my name is Andreas.I joined in 07-2021

I started my professional life in the workshop of a supplier to the ship industry (heavy machinery), am a studied Wirtschaftsingenieur (mechanical engineering). For many years I worked in brain-centered jobs in the IT industry (product development), but never stopped to build and make things in my free time. In my former house, I had a small workshop with many machines, but now I lack space.

Am bringing a long maker history with me in areas such as metal, wood, …. textile/ leather. Some years ago I started with electronics, SBCs, FPGAs, robotics etc, and recently with system modeling. Besides this, I already planted a tree, built a house, raised a child, and reconstructed historic cars, and motor cycles. Am also in photo and in video.

Happy to help in my areas of expertise.