Project:Wiki Slideshow

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A slideshow of nice photos makes our wiki's main page more interesting. Do you have a picture you would like to add? Please do!

We are using the "JavascriptSlideshow" MediaWiki extension and have included photos of the CoMakingSpace's various rooms to begin with. Please don't hesitate to include project photos in there as well - but not several for the same project, that's what a project page is for ;-)

Photo Preparation

Please make sure the image has an aspect ratio of 4:3 and is in landscape orientation ("wide format").

If the photo is not already in our wiki, you can upload it as usual.

Adding to the Slideshow

To add a photo to the selection, go to Main Page/Slideshow and start editing.

Then simply add as many lines as you have pictures in this format:


where "imagename.JPG" has to be replaced with the actual title of the image you have uploaded and "imagetarget" is the title of the wiki page you want the image to link to when it's clicked. For "caption", please also enter a German translation if you can and feel free to include a link to a page that is related to the image.