Project:Stand for Nerf Weapons

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Stand for Nerf Weapons

Status: done
Release Date: Summer 2018
Initiator: Georg
Materials Used: Doppelstabmatte, Schweißdraht 3 mm
Tools Used: Zange, Cutter
Approx. Cost: approx. 40 €

Storing a lot of Nerf toys in a box or in a shelf is not usable and not cool. All the agents in movies have their weapons in a place where they can view them all at a glance.

I wanted a flexible solution that allows to change the set of weapons and their location without drilling extra holes into the wall each time.

Filler rod is sold in pieces of ~1 meter. For each hook, I took a new piece and started in the middle. Following the shape of the weapon, the endings never had the same length. So I needed to cut at least one end for each hook.
Single hook Same hook without weapon

Verry Importand: Take a picture each time some hooks are done. Keep the picture next to the stand to allow easy sorting.

When all hooks are in place, close the bracket so hooks don't fall off when the weapon is picked in a hurry. See here:
detail view