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This project was inspired from glass jars from DM drogeriemarkt. When I first saw them, I knew they'd be useful for something, because they have a rim that widens to the outside – making them perfect to slide into some sort of "jar holder" from the top.



Spice Shelf (02).jpg
Status: ongoing
Initiator: Björn
Materials Used: Plywood

Acrylic Glass

Tools Used: Laser Cutter

3D Printer

Apart from the jars, the shelf is made from acrylic (lasercut), 3d-printed fixtures (PETG) and 12mm birch plywood (holes cut with a hole saw). I modelled the fixtures in a 3d-software, and to my own surprise they don't bend and can hold the weight really well (so far, so good...)

The project still needs a little bit of work before it's completely finished:

  • collect some nicer lids (the "fake wood" look isn't that great)
  • different lid colors for different spices and herbs to some sort of "categorise" them (green = herbs, etc...)
  • paint a nice and wide vertical "brush stroke" onto the jar surfaces with glass paint (again: colour-coded into categories), then use the lasercutter and engrave the spice-name into that brush stroke. (I've done a test, but without the painted brush stroke, the engraved writing is hard to read).